Hey all,

This is long, sorry.

TL;DR - Money is super tight, husband spends nearly $20 on beers, sort of hides the second 6 pack from me, will need more beer to get through the next 2 days.


I’m having a bit of a self-inflicted freak out and really need a good shake/slap from an outside party.


My husband is a heavy drinker. He is also the sole breadwinner while I’m waiting for my work visa to come through.

His last paycheck was a lot smaller than usual, and as a result, we were down to our last $40ish halfway through the pay period.


He gets free beer at work, and after every shift he drinks 2 pints of 7+% beer, then comes home and drinks at least 2 bottles of 8.5% beer.

So Monday night he comes home and says, sounding really sad and guilty, that he wants to go back out and buy a 6 pack because there’s no beer in the house. I mention I’m worried about his drinking, he says he’s working on it, but it will happen in his own time, he is a slow moving guy. I said ok, I’m not going to bring it up again unless it becomes harmful. He goes and buys a six pack, drinks 4 that night, and 2 on Tuesday.


Now we’re down to $32. There’s some food in the house, but I scrounge for change in my purse and manage to get a couple of dollars together to buy a packet of ramen and a protein shake. I feel guilty.

He messages me and asks what food we have at home, I list it, and he says he’s going to pick up a cheap pizza on the way home. I was asleep when he got in. It was his “Friday” last night, so today and tomorrow he’s at home.


I check the account this morning, we’re down to $19. There was a $13 charge at the supermarket last night. I check the fridge, there’s 1 bottle of beer.

I (and I’m not proud of this) spot the receipt at the top of our bin, and see that he bought another 6 pack. I didn’t see any empties in the recycling, so I’m confused.


I look behind our rubbish bin (trash can in American) and there’s the 5 empties. He took the trash and recycling out without being reminded today, which he doesn’t normally do.

I’m at a loss. I told him I wasn’t going to bring it up again but I am kind of freaking out! I just wish he would have bought that six pack today, so it would last him today and tomorrow, and then tomorrow he could get beer at work. Now he’s only got 1 beer, and he’s going to need more. And we’re so broke. He doesn’t get paid again until Monday night/Tuesday morning.


I’m so stressed out.