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Welcome To The Bitchery

Strike Thoughts. What do you think?

So first of all, does it count as a strike when you go back to work the next day? I don’t know. So I originally took the day off for striking, but I am feeling a little less enthusiastic principally and I’m thinking about just coming in to work. Talk me through this:

  • I don’t have the ability to take unpaid time off until all my paid time is used, so I would get paid a vacation day for tomorrow.
  • Do I owe it to other women who don’t have the privilege to stay home?
  • I’m unaware of any significant social actions happening in my city (that said, I haven’t worked too hard to find them).
  • I’m feeling pretty sensitive about the privileged nature of this “strike” and have some friends who are pretty annoyed about it. Do I owe it to them not to participate?

What do you think?

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