Just because it seems to be a hot topic recently, I thought I'd take this opportunity to say something that I've always felt but, because it's usually goes along the lines of engaging religious people or sports fans about the logic of their passions, never expressed.

But here goes:

I've never liked Joss Whedon. Not really for any political reasons, I don't like his shows. I think they're Sensitive Boy fantasy lands. I don't think he's capable of writing characters that aren't speaking with his voice. I think his projects sag noticeably at times because not every actor is capable/competent at reading every line of dialog as if they were the 4th place contestant in the Quippiest Quipper competition. I think that if every character is Han Solo then none of the characters are Han Solo. I think there's a lot more to writing strong characters than making them good at kicking. I think the most interesting villains aren't twirling their moustaches. I like shades of grey.

So he's now catching flak and I get to give him a great big fuck you. I've watched every season of his shows because I'm a good boyfriend and that time, aside from the cuddling, kind of sucked. Be a cooler dude, write better shows.

Thank you for your time. Here's a gif from a good show.