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I’ve had exactly two experiences with strippers. The first was at a friend’s bachelor party at his home, where a young bikini-clad woman came in (with a very large male escort), asked who was the groom-to-be, shimmied a bit for everyone, then kind of did a little semi-lap-dance-with-veils kind of thing for him. It was a little awkward, but everyone was game and clapped and then she left and we could get back to the pizza and beer that were the real attractions.

And then in college someone in my class actually hired a dude to come in DURING CLASS TIME and do a number for one of my other classmate’s birthday. He had no escort, just a boombox, and he writhed and danced and flexed and flipped and stripped down to a g-string while the ladies hooted and hollered and the guys mostly did he same, albeit with slightly less verve. It struck me as silly fun in the way that the lady ecdysiast probably couldn’t avoid, given cultural baggage.


So, mostly the whole topic leaves me a bit twitterpated. I’ve had colleagues at work whose idea of a good time was heading down to the “titty bar” after work. This endeared them to me very little.

The Full Monty is one of missus c’s favorite movies. I’ve seen it probably twenty times at this point. Again, it’s a great flick, but I wondered if the amateur dude strippers weren’t given a humanity and a backstory that might well be denied to characters in a distaff version. Of course, that may well just be liberal feminist fretting showing, always a companion of mine.

So now you have Magic Mike XXL (and if you haven’t read the hilarious review on The Toast, you should):


and many, many of my good feminist buds are like AWWWW YEAHHHH WANT OMG MUST SEE NAO.

The shortage of genuine light pop-culture erotic entertainment aimed specifically at the vast unwashed mass of straight or semi-straight ladies is pretty amazing, and I’m wondering if these flicks represent some kind of tipping point, as if Hollywood might suddenly be noticing that there are potential money-sources out there that aren’t straight dudes 18-50.



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