I fell into the internet, and somehow, ended up on a Chowhound page where people are having an intense debate about ketchup on a hot dog. Some guy is saying that having ketchup on a hot dog is like having a blankie and it shouldn’t be done once you’re an adult. What?! Dude. It’s ketchup. On a hot dog. On someone ELSE’S hot dog.

Is this like the pancakes vs waffles thing? (What happens if you like both, btw? Doomed for all eternity?)

I may have grown up in the Chicago area, but I like ketchup, yellow mustard, and sometimes dill relish (I know, I know... Quel horreur!) on my hot dogs. If it’s a brat or a Polish, I like yellow mustard and fried onions, but good ol’ hot dogs, especially the cheap ones, need ketchup.

So, where do you stand? Ketchup on a hot dog (or vegan equivalent, if applicable) or not? What else do you like on a hot dog? Is there a difference in toppings between a hot dog and a brat or sausage?

Inquiring minds, man. They want to know.