ESPN's Stuart Scott is dead and that's sad. By all accounts, he was funny and smart and loved his family.

But seeing his ESPY speech and the tributes bothers me. Because it continues the narrative that everyone who gets cancer or a disease has to fight it. And you can only celebrate their life if they chose the battle.

Not everyone has the kind of money to afford the medical bills. Not everyone has bosses that offer to come by with dinner after chemo. Not everyone has a job they love, or a family to fight for. Not everyone has people who would fight FOR them when they are too tired.

If I got diagnosed with major cancer, I don't think I would fight it, even though I'm middle-aged. I just don't have that kind of life. I would want as painless of a death as possible. But I wouldn't be able to tell anyone - even though they wouldn't be there for me - because if you don't fight, you're a coward.

It'd be different if I had kids and a family, but eh.