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Student Group at UT Austin Hosting "To Catch an Illegal Immigrant" Game

Some bozos from the Young Conservatives of Texas - UT Austin chapter decided it would be a great idea to "start a dialog" about illegal immigration by hosting a game where people "capture" people with "illegal immigrant" t-shirts to compete for gift cards.

A political blogger on CNN picked up the story. The chapter president, Lorenzo Garcia, spoke to Buzzfeed about his brilliant idea. This prompted a statement from the university statement. Here's a quote:

Apparently drawing from a 2005-06 plan of Young Conservative organizations on campuses across the country, the UT Austin chapter of Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) is hosting a game on campus this Wednesday called "Catch an Illegal Immigrant." The game involves students walking around campus with the words "Illegal Immigrant" on their back. Students who capture the marked students and bring them back to the YCT table will be rewarded with a $25 gift card.

As was the case with the YCT bake sale on the west mall last month, such tactics are inflammatory and demeaning. And once again in trying to be provocative, the YCT is contributing to an environment of exclusion and disrespect among our students, faculty and staff by sending the message that certain students do not belong on our campus. Some UT Austin students are undocumented, and under Dream Act legislation signed into law in 2001, these students are entitled to attend state universities. They are part of a growing diverse population on campus and in the state of Texas—a population that plays increasingly larger roles in our intellectual, economic, political and cultural communities.


There is a counter-protest scheduled at the same time, thankfully. Still, this is ridiculous. Every time UT makes national news it's for something terrible :(

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