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Student Loan Frustration - REALLY?!

The ongoing saga of attempting to get my student loan actually paid to my school continues!

Backstory: I am financing my part of my last year of law school with private loans. I filled out my application, my dad filled out his part to be my co-signer. We faxed over our identified documents - his driver's license and W2, my social security card.

Part One: Two days later I think it is odd that I haven't gotten the official approval disclosure, so I log into my account just to see what's up. Funny story, you guys, they rejected my social security card and my dad's driver's license for "not being clear". I don't know they look pretty readable to me, but also, were they ever going to say anything? My dad called and was told "We sent you an email." No, no, you didn't because neither of us got it even in the spam and filter folders.


Part Two: My student loans for my first two years always disbursed the first week of September, and I would have to go in to sign my check. This is way after the payment deadline for the semester. This year I'm paying part of the tuition myself and the rest via the loan, but I am spending the semester "abroad" (DC instead of New York). I call my school to ask how I am supposed to sign my check, and they tell me "Oh, we just mail those to you via regular mail and you mail it back." Apparently this is the procedure regardless of where you go "abroad", so if you studied abroad in say Ghana, or India, or Brazil, or Germany, or wherever they would mail your up to $30K check to you and expect it to be mailed back. THAT SOUNDS SAFE. (Is this safe? Mailing an endorsed check for $20K from DC to New York makes me uncomfortable.)

Which brings us to the lovely Part Three: I receive an email this morning from my financial services office:

"I'm trying to certify your First Marblehead loan, but there is a discrepancy with your social security number. NYU has the middle digits listed as XX, while First Marblehead has them listed as XY. You will need to correct the incorrect ID either with the NYU bursar or First Marblehead before I can certify the loan."

Mkay... Now remember, my bank has a copy of my actual social security card with my actual social security number printed on it. And yet they have gotten it wrong on the certification letter. I call the bank, and the representative has me confirm all my information (including my social security number!) and then tells me that they sent a certification letter to my school. So why, I ask, does my school say your letter says XY and not XX when you have my card?" And she says

"I don't know. It says in our system that your number is XY. It must be a typo. You can send a formal request for a change via email."


Really? I feel like I am in a segment of Really?! with Seth and Amy. You are in the system, looking at the incorrect data and the correct card image and have confirmed my identity (somehow! since the data is wrong) but you won't make the change on the phone. You want me to email my social security number to you in a formal request. Really?!

I'm sending the email without my SSN in it, because that would just be foolish to include.


Edit: Here is the automatic reply message to an email:

"We have received your email. We answer emails in the order in which they are received. If your matter is urgent, we recommend you call and speak with a representative. Our telephone number is [ ] and our hours of operation are: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. (ET)."



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