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Students say the most frustrating things

I've been told that one of the girls in my class wants to blow off recitations 'cause her boyfriend's a programmer. Hopefully this is an "I can learn better from him thing", which I'm highly doubtful about for all sorts of reasons, none of which are any delusions about my skills as a teacher, but *meh*

Unfortunately though, the guy who heard this comment thinks it's 'cause the student's just having the boyfriend do her homework for her. He's also the person who grades her work, so I'm gonna have to get her name and review the work to see if it's newbie level. So so much *sigh* 'cause I'm %100 sure I have male students who think the same way this girl does, but man oh man do I also know that they won't get hammered on that sorta stupidity the way she already is.


I wish I could pull her aside and explain why her statement has all sorts of unintended ramifications. Why as a girl in STEM, there will be people who assume that her work is done by the men in her life. That her classmates covered for her, that her professors went easy on her, that her partner did her homework for her. That as much as she wants to blow it off, she's gonna have to know her stuff cold inside and out to have half a shot of being taken seriously.

I think tomorrow I'll just start the class with a comment about how all those reviews about my (all coding) exams being brutal are fairly accurate, so I strongly suggest that everyone who's been cheating their way through homework double back.

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