Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Thing the first: a PSA. If you get a survey thing via Facebook that promises you a $75 Aldi gift coupon, it’s bogus. They email you the coupon and everything, it looks 100% legit, but Aldi won’t accept it. I’m glad I checked with the cashier before loading up my cart. Apparently, 3 other people came to my Aldi today with the same “coupon”, so I don’t feel too dumb for falling for it. Just disappointed because $75 would go a long way at Aldi :/

Thing the second: I’ve been sorting and tossing with a vengence today. 2 huge boxes of books are headed out the door tomorrow... I’m debating if I want to drive way the hell out to Half-Price Books (the only one I know of is about an hour away) or just dump them at the thrift store. There’s a couple boxes of random crap going to the thrift store, too. I guess it is true... you really can’t take it with you!


Thing the third: A miracle may occur in the near future! We may get a car that’s not a total POS! A minivan, less than 10 years old! Which would be awesome, because our one car is inoperable (needs a fuel pump and something else even more expensive) and the other, well, I cross my fingers and say my prayers every time I have to get in it. My mechanic father-in-law assures me it’s not actually going to fall apart, but it still makes me nervous.

Thing the fourth: Having a GT yard sale was mentioned... is that still on? I have several nice dresses and things that I don’t just want to donate.

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