Call me a sap, but I'm totally feeling all warm and fuzzy over Canadian coach Justin Wadsworth's mid-event aid to Russian cross country skier Anton Gafarov today. I know it's silly, but this is the type of gesture I think of when I picture the "Olympic spirit".

If you haven't read about the story yet: Russian cross country skier Anton Gafarov had been a favorite to medal in today's event until he crashed two times during the race. The crashes caused his ski to break apart and tangle around his leg like a trap. In a race that is usually decided by fractions of a second, Gafarov was just trying to finish (three minutes behind the previous finisher) in front of his home crowd. That's when Canadian cross country ski coach (and former U.S. Olympian) Justin Wadsworth came to his aid and replaced his broken ski with a new one. His gesture makes me proud to be a human being today (And yes, I'm a sap).

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