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Hey friends. I’m trying to find Shapewear for my wedding. I want to be a human Chinese finger trap.

My dress is being custom made, and I need shapewear for my final fitting! I tried going to some department stores but, unsurprisingly, literally no one wants to help me do anything and I can’t try anything on there. My second thought was to order everything ever online and just send back what I don’t like but I don’t want to front a bazillion dollars if I don’t have to...


Months ago, I went and tried on dresses at David’s Bridal and they had some awesome shapewear for me to use to try on, but the only thing was it had a bra built in. That is actually great, but I was hoping to do a little lift and squeeze together with the girls and it lifted but not squeezed. Is there maybe an insert or something to do a little pushing? I just have no idea where to start. Part of me likes the built in bra because I will definitely have to purchase another bra otherwise...and to me that’s like the 7th circle of hell.


  • Strapless
  • Tummy focused
  • Built in bra? Not built in bra?! I dunno halp me!
  • Probably should at least cover butt for smooth lines but dress is A-line so thighs won’t show.
  • Back of dress is covered so no worry there

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