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I complained a while ago about strange men heckling me while I'm trying to put gas in my car or buy something at a convenience store and I posted about it on my Facebook. (Something like, "No, I'm not your angel and stop telling me to talk to you because I'm not going to.")

I also posted about a much scarier incident of the same nature.

And so far two of my guy friends have hit me up on chat by saying something like "Hey angel, come talk to me lol"


When I asked them not to do that they got sad because they were "just teasing" and didn't seem to get why it would bother me. I tried to explain that being bothered in that fashion isn't something that I can even joke about because the real thing happens so often that I can't find it funny. I know they aren't trying to make me feel bad, but is it that hard to understand that even jokingly reminding someone of being harassed maybe just reminds me of the situations in which the harassment happened and makes me feel bad all over again?

Or is this something I should be okay with joking about? I don't know. Does anyone have any friends who do stuff like that? It just seems like a weird thing to try and joke about, especially if you know how much the real incident bothered someone.

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