So I have a friend that likes to send me links that she thinks I might be interested in. She means well, but sometimes the stuff is so depressing that I just want to bang my head on the wall. There are people that will never have their minds changed on a subject, and so normally I try to focus my energies on those that are more open to different ideas.

So today totally awesome and well meaning friend sent me this.

Stuff like this is like seeing two trains speeding toward one another. You just know that its going to be horrifying but you cannot turn away. The idea that transgender and especially non-binary people (the owner of the blog seems to be really bothered by transgender persons who are not pursuing GRS) are harming women so much simply for existing, that someone had to go out and construct a blog to publicize their ideas is extremely hurtful to me (and I am sure others feel the same way). I would hope that most cis-women know that this is not the case. I am not familiar with tumblr so for all I know hate blogs are pretty common there. As I sat here slack jawed and read this blog, I felt absolute shock that women like this actually spend so much time coming up with such twisted logic to justify their hatred. I really do feel terrible being rejected outright in such a vicious way.

I have always been better at becoming friends with women, and I have always seen women as allies in my life. So this particular group, being that they are women, upsets me more than most others. It really sucks knowing that nothing you can do will make certain people see you in a positive light.


I am sorely tempted to call them names......