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Talking about the privilege of other white women. Is it just me, or is there some regina-george-esque takedown shit going on with this concept of white girl privilege? Cause instead of talking about how the first Maasai warrior princess is a spoiled white chick who used her experiences of another culture to make $$ and that's bad, and she's terrible, and also not that cute, why don't we just...not talk about her? No one was gonna post an upset status about not hearing about her on any news sites. She is not like, Syria, or Genoa (tvisreal), or the red wedding. Ain't nobody got time for her so let's stop using up the precious amount of internet we have left to cover her and other privileged white women before global warming melts it all.

Hows about we just cover the people who we aim to "protect" or "defend" or "consider" with our "check ur privilege" cries? How about they find some news about actual POC and stop talking about how rude it is to not think about POC and try to appropriate/accessorize with POC? Whether you're praising miley cyrus or denouncing her culturally-insensitive twerks & simulated analingus, you're still ignoring the back-up dancers you supposedly wish to see front and center instead of her. Why didn't we see one interview with one of those women, asking them how they felt about it? Why is it that all we saw were gifs of the Smith family's faces on buzzfeed? Because it's easier to cut and paste an image of a black person reacting in the way you want him or her to instead of, you know, giving someone the human treatment and asking directly? I forget, do we even have reporters anymore, or just expert googlers/email first responders?

guys...journalism. Is it still gonna be a thing by the time we all graduate life?

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