What will you not talk about here on GT, in this non-safe and public forum?

I’ve sort of worked out a code for myself, after deciding that I have perhaps overshared in the past.

I really try not to post about:

  • Conflict with my husband, because I would want to talk it out with him. If I need to “vent”, that’s when I buy a friend some beer and bitch her ear off for a while. I just would not want that sort of business on the internet somewhere.
  • Actually, I have tried to cut back on venting on here in general. By “venting” I mean blowing off steam about a minor annoyance. Venting on GT gives me immediate validation usually, but sometimes I need to be told that I am the asshole (gently, by someone who knows me and cares about me.)
  • I don’t talk about my brother in detail, because I want to respect his privacy and I often don’t like how people write about autism and relatives with autism.


How about you? How strict are your boundaries? Or do you just let it all hang out?