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Stuff You'll Never Get Back

What is something that you’ve loaned to someone that you want back, even though you know it’s pretty much gone forever and you can’t do anything about it?

I’m listening to the new podcast, Heavyweight, and the second episode is about the guy who was friends with and loaned Moby the original CD box set that he sampled from, which set off Moby’s entire career. The whole episode is about this guy just wanting the CDs back and Moby pretty much ignoring him about it for 20-30 years.


This reminds me of how in junior high, I lent a friend my gogo boots. My young teen aesthetic was totally unironic 60's mod (big hair, cat-eye makeup, jumpers, everything). Not the most stylish for the time, but also not the worse decision now that I look back. The boots were shiny, white knee high with a chunky heel and a non-functional zipper. My sister had purchased them for me during a reunion visit with my family after we had been out of contact for 5 years.

Then because teens are stupid, I loaned them to my friend because she was obsessed with the boots and begged to borrow them for one day. I kept asking for them back and she kept skirting the issue or telling me she was trying to steal them back from her sister. A couple of years later, I did actually get them back through two other friends who decided to run a heist just to get these silly boots. But by the time they were back in my possession, they were stained and scuffed and the vinyl was cracking. I still kinda feel like she owes me shiny white gogo boots.

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