What’s the thing you’re so bad at, that you’ve become infamous among people you know for how terrible you are at it?

I’m a total Magoo. It’s not even a vision issue, at least not most of the time. I get lost very easily and I’m regularly made fun of for it. I ended up on the opposite end of the metro area trying to head to my friend’s house in the heart of the city. I once missed an exit and ended up going 30 minutes out of my way to get home. This past weekend, I couldn’t find a bathroom in the dark and ended up on a different floor. The bathroom was next to the room I was in, btw.

It’s pretty much become a joke to everyone I know, and I do make sure to keep GPS ready and my phone fully charged because otherwise I will be screwed. I’ve also learned that for important things, like job interviews, I need to take a practice run after hours just to make sure I at least have a general feel for where I’m going. Some of it is vision, because my night vision is particularly bad. But even my subconscious knows I am directionally challenged because I often have dreams that involve getting lost.

Do you have something you’re so awful at that you just have to laugh?