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Welcome To The Bitchery

Stupid anxiety

I have to give a system demo in 5 minutes. This should not be a big deal. I know the system well enough, I've been part of it's development from day 1. I'm giving the demo to clients I have worked with for 3 years at this point. They like me. I should not be nervous and yet I'm a horrible little ball of anxiety right now. And of course I didn't think ahead to take meds or bring them with me today. They're sitting on my bathroom counter, where they do me absolutely no good right now. Good thoughts and happy gifs please!

ETA: It went really well! I only got a little off track once, and I think the only one who noticed was someone else on my team. The clients were actually engaged for one - our toughest one didn't look at his Blackberry until 50 minutes in. We got actual feedback on how to make the system more useful for them. I impressed our developer with my ability to discuss the system (I am a scientist who pretends to be a BA, I am not technical AT ALL). Thanks to everyone for putting the good thoughts out there!


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