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God, triggers. So stupid.

Greenhunk and I just had the DUMBEST argument. He has this internet friend with an unbelievable story: she's family of the Italian mob or some shit and her family moved here to get away when she was a kid, she married her brother in international waters but they conveniently have an open marriage, she's richer than God and owns a bunch of ridiculously difficult to obtain cars. Now it doesn't really matter; he's never met her in real life, they just talk about cars, and she's no threat to me sexually (although she obviously does have a crush on him, Greenhunk is not a cheater and I trust him). But I...just...don't...trust...her. Yeah, she lives in another state. Yeah, she's not important. But to me she shows every tendency of a pathological liar. The Abusive Asshole, big surprise, was a pathological liar. I don't want people like that anywhere around me or my family. I don't even care, it's not like I asked him to stop talking to her, it's whatever, she just scares/annoys me. But I got home today and he was talking to her and said something to me about whatever car she currently bought. And I, being annoyed, was like "um, yeah, sure, it's pretty easy to just take a photo with some random car." And he got annoyed, like "don't talk shit about my friend!" and it just sort of spiraled. Greenhunk is a great person, loyal to a fault, very honest, assumes everyone else is a good person too. So much so, in fact, that he was casual friends with the Abusive Asshole before we met and he never had a clue that we were even dating or anything about what the Abusive Asshole was really like (even though a lot of other people had bad vibes about the A.A. from the start, me included, even though I didn't listen to my own premonitions). But sometimes I just want to yell at Greenhunk, "Quit being naive! Some people are just bad and not to be trusted!"

I'm overreacting. It doesn't even matter. But the whole thing just bothers me. Sorry, I'm just venting.


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