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Stupid bra shopping

My turn to make the required once a week post about the woes of bra shopping! Last year I sized myself and my boobs and I had happily accepted they were a 34G/H (depending on the brand). I could happily buy bras in that size and life was good. But, in that year they have stretched and it is time to start looking for new ones. But, also in that year, I have lost weight and that means I have to start the whole process of trying to find the right band/cup size again. Plus, it means my very expensive, only worn a few times Panache sports bra no longer fits.

I mean sure, it is nice to be able to fit into some of the jeans I haven't been able to for a couple years, but I would rather have to buy new jeans than have to go through the whole bra sizing process again.


I think I'm going to start at 32G and go from there, wish me luck!

Also, I'm accepting brand recommendations. I mostly prefer Cleo by Panache. I've tried Freya and don't love them, but I've got a couple I bought a while ago, and I think I just didn't like them because I hadn't figured out the sizing on them. Now that my boobs are smaller, they seem to fit better and I like them more.

And, I wish it were easier to find bras that offered the support of a 2-part cup design, but were smooth. I have a few that I love, but just can't wear under t-shirts for that reason.

Is there any difference between 32G and 32FF? Or are those just differences in manufacturer sizing?


ETA: I was just thinking the other day about how knowing more about bra fitting makes me roll my eyes while reading erotica sometimes. "She was 5'6", 120 lbs with a perfect 36C chest". I mean sure, their descriptions are never that realistic to begin with, but I can almost guarantee at that size, she is not a 36 band.

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