I don't want it anymore. TMI ahead.

Saw the gynecologist today, and my woman parts are in working order (mostly). I told her about the spotting and cramping and she said it's probably cuz I missed a pill. Then she examined me and pap smeared me and was like "oh, erhm, your cervix has some inflamed red spots on it. That may explain the cramping." BLEH.

She said she'll run an HPV test even if the pap comes back normal as I requested she do. I asked her what's up with the damn inflammation now and she said it's probably that stupid bacterial infection I've been dealing with since September that just won't go the fuck away for some reason (it'll go away with meds then come right on back). But there's also a chance I caught another strain of HPV or my original strain is making a comeback. She wasn't all too concerned about it though as my last HPV test was negative. But now I'm even more crampy because pap smear. Ow :(

I also asked her about an IUD and she said if I really have my heart set on it, she'll give me one but she'd honestly rather not because I haven't had kids. She said it'll probably hurt like hell to insert and my uterus may try to push it out, causing more pain. She suggested the patch or the nuvaring and I told her I would think about it. Mleh.

But I had an ultrasound (I was like 2 years overdo for one. Whoops) and my insides are good! So that's always a plus. Though I did have two Russian women inside my vagina today. My doctor and the ultrasound tech are both Russian. Yessss.

So, any thoughts on the patch or nuvaring? Or any volunteers to take my cervix away from me and give me a working one?