So. The cold/respiratory crud I had Christmas week is still trying to hang on. I can feel it in my ears, my throat sometimes is sore at night from drainage, and I sound a little hoarse when I talk. I tried to by full strength Sudafed when I was sick in December, and was DENIED because I had reached my yearly limit of buying it, apparently. Because Tennessee has a meth problem so we can’t have nice things like decongestants. BUT! I found a box of Allegra D I had forgotten about, so I have been taking that. And for the past week I have been sleeping really shitty- takes forever to fall asleep, I toss and turn even then, and waking up every hour or so. I was assigning blame to the cold that would not end, except in December I was sleeping fine. Last night at 4 in the morning I finally realized the crap sleep started when I started taking the Allegra D. DOH. Fuckin' a I am tired.