Let's complain about our jobs! Because mine sucks and I hate it.

I've never liked my job (which is technical writing for a manufacturing company). I've worked here since April of last year - which, incidentally, is when I started posting on GT. The job itself is boring, the way management works is totally counterintuitive, and our CEO actually likes people to fight. He also likes to fire people without giving them any idea they were doing anything wrong. This company is full of things that just don't make any sense - rules for no purpose other than somebody's whim, software engineers who were trained as psychologists and write shitty code that never works, constant flip-flopping between priorities to where I end up rewriting the same manuals every other week and never get to the others. At first I tried really hard to care about it, to not be inactive, and I went out of my way to write marketing stuff for salespeople who needed my help when I had free time. I was rewarded by being told I couldn't write marketing stuff anymore, and by basically having 80% of my ideas shot down because omg innovation is bad. Eventually I gave up. I decided, okay, caring about this job is making me angry and stressed out, so I'm not going to care anymore. I'm going to do what I'm told and nothing more, and go home and try my best to forget about it.

Last week was the final straw. They decided to move me to a different building, with a different manager (who makes no sense as my manager), without asking me or talking to me about it at all. There was no "Hey, we need to reorganize this section of the company. This is what we plan to do. What are your thoughts? How do you think this should work?" It was like "Oh btw you'll have a new boss next week." I feel so disrespected. And worse, the place where they're moving me is right under the watchful eye of the insane CEO. Here's the thing: he likes to fire people without warning, remember? So if I don't want that to happen to me, I not only have to do my job, but I have to be visibly enthusiastic about my job and also not fuck off at all. But I can't be enthusiastic about my job. I hate my job. And I don't actually have enough work to keep me busy for 8 hours a day.

I'm super upset about it. I'm applying for other jobs now.

What do you hate about your job?