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Stupid Craigslist Housing Scams

It's difficult enough to find a decent, affordable, pet-friendly place to live. And then these assholes keep posting scams.

The first time I responded to one of these ads, I was pretty sure it was a scam listing because of the ridiculously low price for even the sketchiest of neighborhoods here, and the house was in a nice area, but it never hurts to send an e-mail to see a place. I got a super long e-mail back about their charitable work, where the dude was living apparently in New York and Missouri. Oh, and please do not contact the realtor on the for sale sign in front because he had just fired him. I checked an mls site, and the listing had just been updated and the craigslist posting had been flagged.

Today, I got a reply for another ad I responded to. Granted, I was wary because it was a below market price. But I checked MLS and it wasn't for sale, and there was interior pictures. So I got a little excited. Which was stupid. Because again, very long e-mail about being 1) in NIGERIA (seriously, at least the other guy was creative in location) and 2) a Jehovah's witness. Oh and here is the rental application, and you can have the keys and see the place when you pay the deposit and rent.


Just stop. Please. You're worse than the apartment complex that posts 15 ads a day.

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