So bearddamnheroes has been on a fitness kick lately, which is great for him because he feels pretty good about himself. Unfortunately, for me, it means that he really wants me to DO THINGS with him. In the morning.

I am a very lazy person. Also depressed, which complicates things. But I've never been gung-ho physical fitness lady, even when I'm feeling pretty good. I like going hiking on weekends sometimes, and there have been phases where I go to shadowboxing classes with a friend, or do silly Billy Blanks workouts. I have done these things after work, because I am not a morning person. I am miserable when I wake up and have to leave the warm comfort of my bed.

First, bearddamnheroes asked that I start running with him. Running? Nope, not happening.

Then, he requested that I start waking up with him to do short workouts in the morning (negotiated to 20 minutes), before work. This is more achievable, but it means I can't hit my snooze a million times and finally force myself out of bed 10 minutes before I need to be out the door. It means I have to wake up with my first alarm and actually do difficult things with my body.


Blah blah blah he wants me to be healthy blah blah he wants to do it together blah blah it might help my depression blah blah he loves me or whatever. But when he asked that I be enthusiastic about it?

Look buddy, you can guilt me into doing this, but you can't force me to be happy about it.


So. Since I've agreed to this WHY DID I AGREE CAN I TAKE IT BACK??? No. Since I've agreed, I'm hoping to at least suggest something more entertaining than the repetitive strength exercise routine he does. I used to do and enjoy power yoga. Anyone know any good youtube channels or short routines?