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Stupid Fake Job


When I had lil guy I left my job to take care of him. I was having a crazy run around over a leave of absence and I quit. I had been with the company for years, had great benefits and great pay.

But. There's always a but...

I had over an hour commute on a toll road. It only took an hour going in, when I left at 4 or 5 am but getting home.. Not always an hour. Plus the nature of the company meant that I could get forced. And I often did. I was on forced 16 hour days when I was pregnant for I think 3 weeks or maybe a bit longer and then 6 day weeks until my doctor pulled me altogether due to preeclampsia. So yeah over 18 hours a day including travel. Ugh. So where would I have brought lil guy at 3:30 or 4:30 in the morning? And Big Guy works for the same company at a different job, different local with better pay - but also the same forcing issue. So I left.


So it's been over a year & I thought I would check into something very part time or from home after a company I used to work for tried to recruit me (not happening). Anyhoo- found a listing for a data entry type position with training near my mom's where I could bring lil guy on a limited basis and then work from home. Fake. Fake. Fake. I should have known better :-( But it did motivate me to make some time for myself and I joined the cheap gym near my mom and dad instead haha! Although making money would have been nice. Dang Internet scams.

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