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This is just a vent, mainly. My dad's cousin (who was raised by my grandparents and is essentially my uncle) has a daughter who got married a few years ago, and immediately divorced because she came out as a lesbian. I am not close enough to her to have been privy to all of this, but I did meet the husband.

Tremendously heartbreaking for him and disappointing for the families, I am sure.

Of course, my extra-extended family and her mother's family (not my grandparents or her father but like, this girl's other cousins and aunts and uncles and people I maybe have only met once) basically shunned her from the family, and the narrative they built that she is wants attention, that she just wanted a big party and didn't want to marry the guy, she wants people to still pay attention to her so she decided to be gay, etc. Even more annoyingly, people don't think she's gay because she is very conventionally pretty and effeminate.


Anyway, fast forward to this year, and she got engaged to her girlfriend and they just set a wedding date, which she announced on Facebook. I am watching relatives I don't know - some who are and some who aren't related to me - just fucking berate her on Facebook. It's starting to drive me crazy. Someone tried to pick a fight with me after I said, "I'm so happy for you guys - don't listen to the negativity." I knew that was a little inflammatory but fuck it, it's what I wanted to say, and these people don't have the decency to take this seriously as an engagement or marriage. I didn't engage, but I'm close.

My closer family isn't particularly helpful (except her dad and sister and my aunt, who are awesome), but they would never pull this shit. I wish some of them, who better know the people in question, would get on there and stand up for her. My side of the family is kind of of the opinion that they don't agree with her lifestyle, but they love her regardless and will suck it up. I wish they would tell all their redneck relatives to fuck off.

She has not been engaging on FB either - neither to the congrats nor the hatred - so I'm a little worried about her. I hope she's ok. This is supposed to be tremendously happy and these fucking assholes are just shitting all over her.


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