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Welcome To The Bitchery

I have a guy friend I’m very, very fond of. He has some stupid white male bullshit, but he’s a good man in general. We’ve worked together before and likely will again, and have a good friendship in almost all ways. We see each other pretty frequently. Personally and professionally, he’s a great person to have on my side.

He has never been anything but 100% respectful to me, but I told him “I don’t want to talk politics until after the election.” Now, for some reason (maybe that is seems like a done deal and he’s going to vote for Johnson), he can’t seem to stop trying to engage me. Now he’s on a Bernie Would Be Better And Would Have Won If Not For Crooked Hillary kick, even though he wasn’t a Bernie supporter to begin with. He’s not a Trump guy - basically he’s a republican who can’t stand Hillary because...I don’t know...she makes his balls shrivel up?

So he sent me this article today and his email said

Subject: Uh-Oh

It’s picking up steam and this happens to be from a well-respected, independent, investigative journalism sources out there... Can we have a whole do-over on the election?

Apparently, stuff is coming out on the DNC fear-mongering with Bernie about not being able to run as an independent

Ugh. Fuck all this.

Undercover Video Exposes Clinton Campaign Illegally Coordinating With Super PACs | People’s Pundit Daily


So I have two needs. One is for him to stop trying to engage me politically, because we are not going to agree. I’m totally ok with that. As long as he doesn’t offgas any bullshit on to me...whatever. The one time he really did, I sent him a long email that basically came down to “Stop being a sexist ass. You’re better than that and I’m not going to argue my lived experience against your opinions.” He is who he is and I’m not trying to change it. I just don’t want to hear it.

The other is that this story is clearly a load of crap and the “sting” is about as reliable as the planned parenthood “sting.” So tell me GTers who are far more adept and interested in pushing back on bullshit, how would you approach this? I genuinely, truly like him, but he’s pushing my buttons right now.

(Funny enough, his wife is really, really feminist and I get the feeling he wants validation from me he’s not getting from her. FWIW I’m 15 years older than him and the fact that I’m good friends with a 31 y/o white dude in and of itself is pretty unusual)

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