The bf has been working crazy hours for months at this new job and his sleep schedule is really off. Because he doesn’t have to work regular hours he often won’t go to bed until 3-4am and then will not get up until late morning.

I am currently sitting alone in his living room. We both went to bed around 1am last night (late for me) and I remember him getting up not long after and never coming back to bed. He’s asleep in the guest room. Now, he may have just gotten up and gone right back to bed there because sometimes I snore. And I get that. But he may have also gotten up and bummed around for three more hours before turning in. So here’s my question. Do I...

1. Strip down and go hop into bed with him. (Honestly, I don’t really want to go back to bed and I’m not really in the mood for any business)

2. Wait here and watch tv until he wakes up. (Could be a while...)

3. Go wake him to say I’m leaving.

4. Leave, say nothing.

I feel like waking him up just because I’m up is shitty if he’s only been asleep for 4-5 hours. He doesn't sleep super well these days and I don't want to disturb what sleep he's getting. But I feel like leaving without saying anything is likely to cause an argument later. On the other hand, waiting around here is not a good use of my Saturday. Thoughts?