After battling a UTI and sinus infection simultaneously this past weekend, I finally feel like myself. My head’s a little bit foggy still, and I’m not sure ol’ UTI has left the vicinity yet, but my antibiotics are slowly scrubbing me clean. I did wind up going to Urgent Care to get meds when the pain became absolutely unbearable.

IRONY #1: Insurance through my new job started Tuesday, I went to fecking Urgent Care Sunday. I paid $200 for them to stir and sniff my pee and give me pills that turn that bloody pee orange when it would have been free (or close to free) two days later. Great.

Speaking of the new job, it pays me the most money I’ve ever made in my entire life. I realize this is probably normal pay, if not low, compared to others my age who haven’t been in the arts their whole lives, but to me this is mounds and mounds of money. So much, it’s almost DOUBLE what I made at my last job. Amazing! But yet . . .

IRONY #2: I don’t get my first paycheck for two more weeks, and until then I’m living on the very terrible wages of my previous employment and I just had to pay rent and now my car suddenly needs $1000 of repairs and I have to buy $500 worth of contact lenses before my year’s supply runs out (eye problems means I can only wear one specific, and expensive, type) and my credit card company has suddenly lowered my limit because I can’t pay any of my bills so car and contacts can’t go on the card, yet I don’t have any money in the bank because I don’t get my super fancy paycheck for two more weeks. SO I MAKE THE MONEY, BUT I DON’T YET GET THE MONEY, BUT EVERYTHING IS BLOWING UP RIGHT NOW.

Surprise! Life sucks! Surprise, the manual lied!

Whatever. In two weeks I’ll be so happy. Remember that, Babbles, it’s only two more weeks of living paycheck-to-paycheck. It feels so far away.