Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I woke up with a crooked neck again. Oh my God it hurts like a beast. And OF COURSE this happens on the morning of the presentation I’ve been working towards for weeks! Why universe, why??

I am only kind of not in pain when looking over my left shoulder or letting my head drop to the left shoulder sideways. Looking forward or lifting my head equals ‘oh God why’ levels of sharp pain. In fact it hurts so much I woke up an hour early. I Never wake up early.


Last time I went to see mychiropractor but he never got it just right. I accepted the minor pinch in my neck when dropping it to my right shoulder. I guess I’ll go look for a manual or physical therapist today. After my presentation :(

ETA: the presentation went really well! The client just felt sorry for me :p I have also rubbed some voltaren on my neck, am taking ibuprofen bij the bucket and I have an appointment with a physical therapist tonight. It’s still extremely painful but only half a day left if being in agony :P

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