Anyone familiar with Chula Vista, CA? Are there any good restaurants or anything that’s a must see? Driving to Tijuana is off limits, as well as anything that requires you to be over 18.

Now back to the main point of this post...

I will be spending the entire weekend with my younger cousin and I feel weirdly nervous about it. She really wanted to go to a Lana Del Ray concert that is 3 hours away, and since she is only 17 and doesn’t drive, she needed a chaperon. I figured it would be a good opportunity to get to know each other, so I agreed to take her.

She is 8 years younger than me and I haven’t really spent much time with her in the last 10 years and now we will be spending 36 to 48 hours together alone. I have no idea what to talk to her about or what she is interested in. I’m worried we will spend the entire weekend in awkward silence.