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Stupid or Not-So-Stupid Dog Tricks

My last two posts have been downers. So I want to share something cool about K-9 and then ask for you to share cool stuff about your pets’ tricks as well.

So...I have a chronic illness that causes major fatigue. And it’s made worse by standing up and being upright. My partner is working on his masters in computer science and spends a lot of time on his computer in the office/spare room. It’s at the back of our home and he can’t hear me yell for him - plus I hate yelling across the house


So...I’ve trained K-9 to go and fetch my partner for me.

So I’ll say “Go Get *Partner’s Name!*” and K-9 runs to the door of the office and barks. Then my partner knows to come out to the front where the family room is and ask me what’s up.


I’m still working on teaching him to fetch the Little Daleks for me, and also working on teaching him to snuggle on command (he’s a big boy so when he lies on my legs it really helps ease any muscle aches I might have).

{He also does some “stupid” tricks like lying down and rolling over when I say “Exterminate!” and point my fingers at him like a Dalek weapon.}


What useful tasks have you trained your pet(s) to do? What silly/awesome/fun tricks can your furry friend(s) perform?

BONUS! Enjoy this meme-ified picture of K-9.

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