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Stupid products and services

Can we discuss stupid products (with bonus points for things overly geared towards women)? Because I keep seeing adds for this tampon subscription box on Facebook service and I cannot get over it. Has anyone ever actually tried this?


I clicked because I love mail and I kind of like the idea of getting a fun package in the mail every month for my period so that I slowly Pavlov myself into being excited for it to come.


But 25 dollars seems INSANE. Twenty Five dollars for tampons every month. What you get is:

14 tampons. They are organic and chemical free. That does sound nice. However, a quick price comparison shows me that for instance, I can get 16 organic/chemical free tampons at honest.com for only 7 dollars. And I’m not even shopping around; I’m sure they’re out there cheaper even.


Kali wipes. To uhm, keep you fresh. Okay, c’mon. I thought we were past telling ladies they needed special cleansing things for their lady parts. It seems really hypocritical coming from a company that’s claiming to be so concerned about chemicals going into a woman’s body. Not to mention, from an environmental standpoint, the foil packages and disposable wipes aren’t exactly friendly. I dunno, I’m starting to feel like maybe this is just all about selling stuff to women and they don’t actually care about us or the earth.
Cost wise, these have to be cheap; a pack of 32 wipes from Summers Eve is about $4, and I doubt you’re getting 32 wipes each month.

“A special product each month to pamper you”. This part actually sounds nice! But, I still don’t completely get it. Like this month’s product is a 2oz Rosewater facial toner. What am I supposed to do with this relaxing spray? Every time I get bitchy on my period, do I just spray myself in the face to calm down? AM I A CAT? Seriously, am I a cat.
I also did a quick googling and found a very nice Rosewater Facial Spray that Martha Stewart has recommend, that is $7 for 4oz. So this is essentially what, at the very most a $3.50 product?


So value wise, if we’re breaking it down like a Ipsy box, we have, rounding up very generously, around a $14.50 box. That costs 25 dollars.

I don’t get it. But I am really enjoying being a curmudgeon about bad deals, so please share yours with me, while I sit and hope my employer does not notice how much I just googled things like “organic tampons” and “period wipes”

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