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Stupid Question Alert: How do menfolk cope when sad?

I know how women are socialized to do so: we cry and eat chocolate and watch Waiting to Exhale and drink wine with our girlfriends...but I really don't know how men are taught. Every time a man in my life is sad he hides his sadness behind a stony, vaguely unpleasant-looking mask, funnels his compressed sadness into anger, or he literally hides from the world until he feels better. The only time I've seen such unrestrained grief from a man in real life was when my grandmother died and my dad broke down at her funeral. It seems like men are only allowed to show unrestrained emotion like this after a death.

So what do men "typically" do? And you, GTers- what do you actually do? What do you wish you could do? WHAT ABOUT THE MENZ?!


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