We got about a foot last night into today, and we're expecting at least another 4-8 inches overnight. In the last hour there have been two separate brownouts, and I'm worried the power's going out for good sometime soon and I'll be stuck in a frozen apartmentcicle with no way out. My body is still tired from digging out my car earlier today, and the landlord in this complex is an absolute dick who pretty much said he's not plowing anymore because there's nowhere else to put the snow. Umm... is that even legal? He barely salts as it is โ€” there have been days when we questioned if we could even get out of the complex to get to work because the roads were pure ice, and since the complex is essentially a big hill, it's impossible to actually get up it if it's icy.

I also wanted to do so much today but was so wiped from shoveling for an hour that I've essentially been a blob ever since.

I have to, HAVE TO, get this e-mail out to my thesis advisor that I've been procrastinating on for AGES because I'm nervous. I'm really scared to send it. I'm not even sure why โ€” thanks, anxiety! โ€” but I must. It's already mid-February. I have to have my prospectus done and approved by May, and I can't even send an e-mail. WTH brain!

I did submit my abstract to a conference, so fingers crossed it gets accepted and it gives me a much-needed kick in the pants.

There's really no point to this post except my fear of power outages (Sandy has scarred me for life) and my abject bumitude. Thanks for reading, here's a cute red panda who has more energy than I do!