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Stupid Sunday

Uggh. Stupid day.

1. I had my boyfriend help me re-dye my hair. I specifically told him to be sure to get the roots; if it gets on my scalp it’ll wash off. He applies it, leaves, I go to rinse later... WHY DO I HAVE OVER AN INCH OF UNDYED ROOTS?!

Oh, he says “I figured better an inch of roots that no one will see then getting it in the rest of your hair.” Yeah, that’s why I said “Be sure to get the roots real good.” People will see it, because I only dye my underlayer and to show it off I have to wear my hair up. You know, the kind of style where your roots show. Stupid incompetent boy. Now I’ll have to bug my roommate to help me fix it if she ever gets home today. She always helps with it, which I was trying to get around by having him help.


2. WHAT did I do to my shoulder?! The other day I felt a twinge in it while doing yoga. I was doing plank or downward dog, not even anything crazy. I didn’t think about it again, but helping with gardening yesterday and felt it again while using a shovel to dig a hole. Ok, that not good, I’ll have to take it easy.

Now today it hurts constantly. Any shoulder movement hurts and it hurts to the touch. Did I pull a muscle or something? I’m icing it now because I don’t know what else to do. Bodies are stupid.

Is anyone else’s day being stupid too?

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