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Stupid Things You Have Cried About

Someone on Facebook shared this list a while back and I immediately sent it to my boyfriend because I cry really easily, generally on his shirt. The list is funny, but really I could see myself crying about any of these things if I were already in an emotional state.

Yesterday I was already having a meh day, and the shooting pushed me over the edge and I spent probably a total of an hour crying throughout the evening about many things, including but not limited to:

  • Not being able to have sex because I’m on my period
  • Not being able to hang up a lamp
  • I ordered a burrito but it wasn’t really the kind of burrito I wanted to order
  • ETA: I couldn’t decide what to have for dinner (this was pre-burrito)

So, Groupthink, what are some ridiculous things you have cried about? No really important things allowed.

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