So Ivanka Trump. (Already we’re all gritting our teeth :)

She’s trying to put together a whole “lifestyle” movement centered around the tag line “Women Who Work”. It’s the title of her book (is it still coming out? I’m guessing yes), she references it on twitter a lot, and just generally pretends she thought it up.

Much like her knock-off shoes though, the tag line is crappy. It implies that women who work CHOOSE to do so. I’m pretty sure most of us on GT (and most women of the world) don’t choose to work out of magnanimous desires to share our brilliance with the world. Most of use work cause we have to, whether for monetary reasons or because we need to exercise our brains or are called to do something. It’s deeply offensive to me she’s blindly assuming all of us could quit tomorrow and become ladies who lunch instead of women who work.

And I don’t think that line of thought is typical of rich people - not that rich people can’t be clueless dimwits cause I work for some prize candidates there, but most rich people work for the same reasons we do. Sure they may be called by Voldemort to serve the dark side (Kellyanne) but they need to work and produce. Much as I dislike Kim Kardashian I can’t say she doesn’t work (it’s a weird job but hey, someone somewhere claims to “style” Trump’s hair for a living, so). I don’t think that some rich people produce good things and actively help the world, but then I can’t say that about most people. I know I’m not saving the world with my job either.

Also, totally off topic, but is anyone else old enough to remember how scandalized the world was about Imelda Marcos and her 3000 pairs of shoes? I feel like it’s a bad sign that people like Ivanka would probably brag about shit like that and be horrified someone has LESS than 3000 pairs now...


I need to start taking sleeping pills is pretty much what this post means I think.