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Stupid Town

So this is what I woke up to this morning. That circle is around my driveway. The town gave us absolutely no notification that they would be digging a 3 foot deep, 2 foot wide trench, directly in front of my driveway. When I confronted the construction worker, he told me they had knocked on our door right before they started. He just kept repeating that. "Well, we knocked on your door". Yeah, you knocked on our door at 7 AM. We were asleep! We couldn't have gotten a letter, or something taped to our door yesterday? Knocking on the door, 5 minutes before you begin, at a time many people don't have to be awake yet, it not an acceptable method of letting us know you're about to block us into our driveway.

The managed to refill a section of the ditch so that I could back my car out, but you could tell they were not. happy. about it. Which is too bad, I wasn't fucking happy about it either, maybe next time they'll actually tell us before they dig up the street.


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