Who puts walnuts in butternut squash soup? Ok, it tasted good, I'll concede that. I'm usually really good at making sure there aren't any walnuts or hazelnuts in anything I order, but it didn't even occur to me to ask about the soup. I'd eaten several large mouthfuls before scraping the bottom and coming up with a spoonful of something I really should have thought more about before putting it in my mouth (but who here has never put something in their mouth before thinking?). It didn't register at all until the left side of my mouth started tingling and getting numb. *sigh* At least the manager responded impeccably well when I suggested they may want to note that their soup of the day (so, not described on the menu) had nuts in it. She even wanted to run to the drugstore and buy some benadryl for me, which is amazing. Yes, as the person with the allergy it's ultimately up to me to keep myself safe and I own that. I hold no negative feelings toward the restaurant and actually plan to return often. It's just nice to get a heads up when there are super-common allergens in places most people would not ever expect them. My tight, sore, stinging, tingly, itchy throat and stingy-numb mouth will serve as a reminder for me to be more careful. Especially since the reactions are getting worse each time.