Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Bleh, having a morning already. This may be just from lack of sleep and the regular body image issues I'm having post baby.

I'm only 32 and starting to look pretty wrinkly despite using sunscreen and a ton of creams at night. :( I wish I knew how to take care of these. Most of my lines are on my forehead - don't know if they're from a lifetime of worrying or I'm just a person who is going to age early or what.


I have a ton of baby hairs and my hairline is super uneven and I've tried bangs to hide my forehead lines in the past but they just don't work with my hairline and texture. Boo, because that would be a super cheap and easy option to take care of these.

Who here has had a little botox done? (No judging please, I don't need that today) Or, if you've figured out neat bang style solutions, share a pic.

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