As is usually the case, I'm a little behind (thus extending my own set deadline). For the new weekly GT Feature that will offer us a look into which of our previous week's posts were best, please submit your links here in the comments or send an email to (You could also tweet it to me, but I have a lesson setup tonight to learn how that works, so good luck... @linusandpickels).

If you are so inclined, feel free to include a short (read 2 sentence max) blurb about why you are proudest of this piece.

In summary:
-pick a piece of your own, that did not make the dump and submit it for this new weekly feature. Add info if you'd like.
-this does not have to be a serious piece, at all
-we would love, love, love if this took a couple extra days to put out because each posting GT'er sent something in

As I believe the above picture is of a bubble gun- I am decently sure no cats were harmed in this photo