You know when you look down into the mixing bowl and see that you measured an ingredient incorrectly, i.e. there is far too much- and you think, "I could redo this, which would only take 2 minutes OR, OR, OR I can just go forth with it and imagine there will be no consequences." There are consequences people. CONSEQUENCES. My tasty breakfast muffins that usually have *some* sugar now taste like sugar with *some* muffin in it.

Anywhoozles- this is the last call for your favorite posts (of yours) from the past two (technically 3) weeks! Tomorrow @ 4 pm in your time zone (Idk where the fuck you are- tomorrow before 4pm PST) this week's, Weekly Best submissions close!

The completed product should come to you over the weekend or early next week! Once we figure out the time-frame, we'll decide on a weekly submission deadline.