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Subscription Clothes Services - anyone have any stories/advice?

So, I thought a subscription clothes service (somewhere that you pay a monthly flat rate and they send you a certain amount of clothes at a time, which you can wear till you don't want to anymore, buy them, or immediately ship them back because you realized that you are actually 12 sizes larger than what you ordered) would be a REALLY good idea, since I'm trying to lose weight but I don't want to invest in clothes of a smaller size just to (hopefully!) be too small for them 8-12 weeks later. (I don't have to worry about a seasonal wardrobe because I live in Texas. We only have two seasons: hot and tolerable.)

Last week I signed up for Gwynnie Bee. They have cute clothes and are doing a one-month free trial, so nothing lost, right? Except I'm sort of A) overwhelmed by choice and B) unsure how this all works. At least in GB's case, they select clothes from your "closet" (clothes that you have marked as wanting to try) based on what's in stock and then ship them to you. Only EVERYTHING I liked, all 20 items, were unavailable. So I had to add 30 more dresses just to maybe get three things shipped to me. ALSO what if what shows up is all fancy dresses and I have no fancy occasions to attend? Or vice versa? How do people live with this sort of clothing uncertainty??


Anyway. If anyone has any advice on these sorts of things, I'm all ears. What works for you? (Also if you have decided you like the idea of GB and want to sign up, that is fine but you had better not be the same size as me because I am ready to fight someone for a fucking dress shipment.)

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