Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

(substitute) G R O U P D R I N K

(no disrespect to imaginaryfriend)

I am drinking from a ginormous bottle of Yellowtail red that my husband bought because he’s tired of buying good reds just to watch me slug it back like canned Juicy Juice from the ‘80s with the triangular can open punch at top. It’s fine. It fills the Friday-night-still-working void.


At least I’m working for a good reason. Revisions on two of my pet projects are due early next week so I will be working allllllll weekend. Tonight I am transcribing a phone interview I had yesterday with an amazing woman who is [redacted-doxxy] at a brewery. So damn inspiring and I am so proud of this article even if I had to rewrite half of it because this site, editor, and industry are totally outside of my typical work.

What’s in your glasses tonight?

Happy Friday. <3

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