I spoke with my kiddo's class today, and it was so fun!

I brought a modest amount of things to share, but definitely made a point of bringing some tangible things they could touch. They were OBSESSED with a fur swatch and all wanted to pull chips of their favorite colors from a Pantone book. They all really loved getting little "presents" and the Halfpence was so proud and excited that he stood up next to me the entire time—"that's my mommy!"

Then I met my ex for dinner to do our weekly swap. I hate swapping him out but I have to admit that it's sweet relief to just lounge on the bed because I am SO beat. I think I got about 3 hours of sleep last night because I had a huge meeting today that took forever to prep for. I have another meeting tomorrow that I have to get ready for but it's not until 2 so I am allowing myself to just chill chill chill tonight and get ready tomorrow morning.

Top Chef and maybe CAH (even though I suck) awaits!