Um, no mainpaging, if that needs saying.

Tonight, I went to my favorite pub in order to have a diet Coke and do a few crosswords on my iPad. I like it there, because 95% of the time, it's totally possible to sit there in company, while still doing whatever the fuck I want. Like crosswords.

But tonight, a man I only barely know, would NOT stop talking to me. There I am, face glued to my iPad, and he's trying to get me to talk about the transcendental nature of men and women, and "how we're all the same." No, you stupid %^&*, we're really not.

And then, he actually says to me, "I wish you'd stop staring at your dammed computer and TALK TO ME."


"Dude. I came here to do THIS. I do NOT owe you a conversation." were my actual words. There. I TALKED TO YOU. Happy now?


He never even apologized. Just said, "I hope you don't hate me."