Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Success: Mental Health Day Version

I took a mental health day yesterday. There were lots of grand plans in terms of running errands and getting stuff done. Most fell by the wayside except the one I really wanted—Korean Day Spa.

I spent 2 blissful hours soaking in a hot tub, cold bath, sauna, and getting scrubbed and tenderized within an inch of my life. I’m a little sore today in some places because I wasn’t kidding about the tenderizing part—I feel like a chicken being dressed at that place the way I’m moved around and exposed and scrubbed in places only boyfriends usually see, but goodness, it felt good to get all over exfoliated and oiled and massaged.


And it even gave me the energy to want to do some yoga for the first time in forever.

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